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Here is the application: Please cut and paste to an email or send as an attachment to

The screening process may seem excessive and time consuming but it is an important step in deciding which home is most appropriate for each dog.  Adoption screening also ensures that you adopt an animal that is right for you and your family.  Like people, animals have their own personalities, temprament and requirements.  Not every animal is right for every home.  Applicants must be 21 years of age to apply. 






Mailing Address if different from above

Daytime Phone

Evening Phone

Email Address:

Pet Adoption Questions:
What type of Coonhound are you looking for? (Black/Tan, Bluetick, Redbone,
Treeing Walker, Plott Hound, Mixed Breed, Don't Care):

Number (and ages) of People in Household:

Any of them with pet allergies or other serious health issues?

Small Children or planning on small children in household? (Under 12 years
old, Some dogs may not be good with them or may not have had previous
experience with them).

What pets do you currently have in the household? (Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Ferrets etc.).

What is your pet experience? (Have owned a hound/dog before, had a dog as a
child, read a book once on dogs).

Tell us about where you live (Mansion, Condo, Townhouse/Apartment, House,
Military Housing).  If you rent your home, please provide contact information for landlord and amount of pet deposit. 

Tell us about your yard and containment for a dog. (Big, wooded, city lot, next to the highway, wood fence, chain link, dog run, etc.).

Are you planning a move in the near future? (Military PCS, job transfer,
getting married/divorced).

Who is/will be your vet/groomer (name of clinic and contact information)?

Why do you want a coonhound?

Where will your pet spend its days and nights (being pampered by servants, salt mines)?

How many hours a day will your coonhound be left alone - i.e How long will
he/she have to invent interesting things to do (to destroy stuff).

What activity, exercise and training level are you interested in a pet
(Search and Rescue, walk/run daily, fetch the remote, hold down the

Are you planning on adding additional pets in the future?

Have you lost a previous pet(s)?

How did you hear about Coonhound Rescue?